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Looking for low cost, local advertising in Southampton?

Soton Advertiser is the solution!


* A5 - UP TO 16 PAGES



Southampton areas delivered to

Soton Advertiser is an A5 printed advertising directory of local businesses delivered to homes and available for pick up in selected Southampton postcodes: SO14, SO15, SO16, SO17, SO18 and SO19.

The advertising prices are set low so there's extra discount is on bookings in all 3 areas only.

There are 4 advertising sizes (and extra 3 options if you book in 3 Southampton areas).

We offer low cost advert design at £18 - any size.

We like to keep things simple.


Where and when is Soton Advertiser delivered in Southampton? 

There are three localised editions of the Soton Advertiser covering Southampton postcodes SO14-SO19. You can advertise in 1, 2 or all 3 (for 10% extra discount and more choice of advertising sizes):

 YELLOW  SO15 & SO16 – Selected areas within Shirley, Maybush, Freemantle, Lordswood, Aldermoor - We don't deliver to streets which are predominantly student rentals or council owned. Ask for a distirbution map

Delivered 4 times a year: January, April, July, October

 BLUE  SO19 – Selected areas within Woolston, Sholing, Itchen, Weston, Newtown.  Mainly owner occupied properties ie. non council owned properties

Delivered 4 times a year: February, May, August, November

 PINK  SO17, SO18 & SO14 – Selected areas within Bitterne, Bitterne Park, Highfield, St Denys including Ocean Village.  We don't deliver to streets which are predominantly student rentals or council owned. The lion's share of the distribution is SO18 with pick ups locations in SO14 and SO17

Delivered 4 times a year: March, June, September, December

Areas covered SO15 and SO16

SO15 & SO16
Shirley, Shirley Warren, Maybush, Freemantle, Lordswood, Aldermoor

Areas covered SO18 and SO19

Woolston, Sholing, Itchen, Weston, Newtown

Areas covered SO14 and SO17

SO17, SO18 & SO14
Highfield, St Denys, Bitterne, Ocean Village

Three editions - each edition: 12,000 copies

10,000 letterbox delivered

2,000 pick up locally

Map of areas in Southampton

What does it cost?

Price is per issue and each ediiton / area has 4 issues a year.  If you want colour, currently placed in the centre pages, add 20% to the mono price below.  Ask about premium position available. If you book 4 issues ie. a year and pay by monthly direct debit we offer 10% discount.  For a quotation or call back please use the Contact Us form below or call Lucy on 02381 04 02 08

Size options if booking your advertising in 1 or 2 areas

Prices for an A5 page
Prices for a quarter and one eigth of a page

EXTRA sizes for booking in 3 areas: yellow, blue and pink

Prices for two thirds and one third page
Prices for one sixth of a page


Also available at very competitive prices (no need to shop around, honestly, Soton Advertisers get exclusive discounted rates):

Design & Print

Websites from £349

Vehicle Graphics


Illustrations, Cartoons, Maps

Brochures, Flyers, Stationery


Need help with advertising or logo design?

Basic advert design £18 any advert size
(the smaller adverts usually take most time!)
Supply a logo, image, text and we’ll make up a design for your approval.

Budget logo design £75

Other advertising related services available: photography, illustration, vehicle graphics, leaflets, printing, website design

Do you prefer leaflet insert distribution?

Leaflet distribution is popular with restaurants, take-aways, retailers and a host of other business types (leaflet delivery is not always cost effective for every business!). Local Southampton distribution and reliable leaflet delivery (not included in the 2,000 pick up copies).

• £250 for 10,000 leaflets - delivery only
• £375 including design, print and delivery based on A5 double sided, colour on 115gsm paper

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